WALKING MEMORIES: Personalized Lighting in Public Spaces



Even as technology keeps advancing, in lighting as in other fields, the world we live in becomes ever more homogenized. The techniques at our disposal (LED lighting, control over intensity or color, preprogrammed lighting schemes, etc...) give us the feeling of a personalized environment, but only within the limits of our own private space. Everyone can live this experience—at home. But when we cross the threshold of our front door, what happens then?


With this in mind, how can we extend the personalization of our private space to our public spaces? One of many examples: it’s now easy to translate, in an instant, any web page into our own language, while others can translate the exact same page into theirs—without affecting anyone else’s reading. How can this personalization of the virtual world be implemented in the physical world, through lighting? Short of having a drone following our every move, how can personalized lighting help us to live side by side, or improve the society in which we must live together? In what ways could individuals control this lighting, and how can we each live our own experience without disrupting others or creating social chaos?


For this third edition of the CLUE competition, candidates are invited to reflect on these questions. Proposals should suit the context of a public space—interior or exterior—and should answer a social need while improving quality of life and having a positive impact on the community, all through the personalization of lighting. There are no budgetary or technological limitations, and candidates are given carte blanche to present inventive lighting solutions.

Walking memories is an outdoor lighting concept allows people to carve out their own personal space within a public domain, where people can revisit those moments spent in the space. The light is in the form of projections of the memories captured from their past visits.

The luminosity of the space is evenly maintained by the equally distributed light projections, irrespective of the crowd density.

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