2FIT: Experience the joy of running with Someone

November 28, 2016

 We were given an open ended brief, which asked to connect people together,  by making them become a part of the same virtual space.

 We picked the category of Health and Fitness, and started looking at the answers to the question, why people don't workout.


 We started of by conducting a PRIMARY RESEARCH with people who were physically active and those who were in a bad shape.


 Then we started doing some SECONDARY RESEARCH by looking into Research Papers, Existing Competitors, and potential user groups.


 From our research we identified multiple user groups who we could help in acheiving physical fitness via smartphones.

 After a lot of brainstorming...

 We finally came up with 2FIT: SOCIAL FITNESS

 We identified with Users who would like to add a social element to their workouts, which would motivate them to exercise. This companionship would help push them out of the couch and onto the running track, it is healthy competition that will motivate them to run faster. It will also help them feel that they are not alone.


 After defining the User Journey and building a low fidelity prototype, we worked on High Fidelity Prototypes.



With this we plan to further develop this concept to a full fledged application.


I would like to thank my team mates: Sarath Paliyath, and Uzair Iqbal for their contribution.






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