AVA- A Gender Neutral Voice Assistant


Design a user experience which ignores stereotypes without stereotyping the ignored!




Though technology is perceived as gender neutral, certain biases do creep in, especially when making technology usable for end users.

This is even more so when those end users are women.This is where we really need to ask whether our designs are “inclusive” or not. As designers, do we design with a “woman” user in mind? Do we even acknowledge that they have specific needs?

And when we do (if we do), do we design for an abstract and stereotyped persona of a “woman”? Do we tend to think of fixed color palettes? Pink! Fixed vocabulary? Cute!

Today women are at par with men in almost every realm of life – world leaders, entrepreneurs and working professionals. They split their time to balance their professional, personal and social lives. As they navigate their daily life, they face challenges related to family, security, health, emotional wellbeing, etc.

Can the power of design be used to “accommodate” their needs, without doing something exclusive and singling them out! Through design, can we help them achieve their aspirations and life goals without creating gender binary!

Presented below is the concept UI for the Voice Assistant in a Workplace Environment.