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Hi There! I’m Kshipra,  User Experience Designer, Systems Thinker, Compulsive Google Searcher and a wide-eyed Storyteller. I like to create delightful experiences and hope to make world a better place. 

I started my journey in design with architecture and space planning from where I wanted to deep dive into experience design. I love the fast paced world of tech and its an exciting time for our generation to see its impact on the world in such depth and scale.

I’m looking to work on projects which are entering niche markets, or projects which are planning to explore uncharted ideas territory. I love to work with diverse teams, and I’m extremely adaptive to new experiences. In my past experience, apart from handling my design projects, I’ve helped my teams extensively by driving user research and analysis, building and standardising design systems, documenting design processes and knowledge sharing on new tech and tool features.


The following work includes some of my projects in professional capacity, and academic projects in User Experience as well as some explorations in Graphic Design


Gamifying the Last Mile (WIP)

Providing visibility of data in a Warehouse

Pragati: VR for ASHA workers

Masters Thesis Project


STAPLE : Staff Planner Tool for Last Mile

TED Mint Israel 2016

A collaborative workshop project on building an interactive installation for a Science Museum for children to learn 3D printing


A Gender Neutral Voice Assistant to break stereotypes about gender roles in the IoT environment.

Using Card Sort for building a Navig

Defining a Navigation Pattern with Card Sorting

PLAY: Social Innovation for Elderly

Worked on as a part of OzCHI 24, the project explores the use of TUI and remote gaming to allow technology to reduce social isolation of the elderly.


A smart solution to intelligent campuses


Find a partner for collaborative running.

Walking Memories

CLUE Lighting Design Competition: Personalised Lighting for Public Space


Selected works in architecture and space design.


Logo design and Branding for a company that gives boats on rent.

Artichoke Mentis

A series of patterns derived from design elements of an artichoke, representing various visual principles.

Painting in Polka

Visual Principles represented through a single element of a dot.


Publications & WRITING

Short Paper

Design of a Mobile-based Virtual Reality Platform for Training and Educating Rural Community Health Workers

Sorathia K., Sharma K., Bhowmick S., Kammidi P.

Conference: IndiaHCI 2016

Category: Health in HCI Track


Pragati – A Mobile based Virtual Reality (VR) Platform to Train And Educate Rural Community Health Workers Workers

Sorathia K., Sharma K., Bhowmick S., Kammidi P.

Conferences: INTERACT 2017

             GHCI 2017

I have written articles for UXDesign Collective as well as Prototypr Blog. You can see my writings on design here.


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